March 2021 Income Report

Income Report – March 2021

This is my third month reporting the additional income I’ve generated. I am writing these posts to hopefully help others discover new, easy, and creative ways to add a little money to their pockets each month. For more information on income reports please see the Introduction to Monthly Income Reports.

Prior Month Reports:


  1. I am not an accountant nor do I claim to be one, all income should be reported to the IRS if you live in the United States.
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March 2021 Results

Total for Month: $1,212.74

Best Day: $1,156.18 on March 9th

March 2nd

Amazon Shopper Panel: $10.75 added to my Amazon account

How it works:

Amazon Shopper Panel is a receipt scanning app combined with the occasional survey. If you scan in 10 receipts you get $10, as simple as that. The surveys are pretty infrequent but answer them when you see them to earn an extra 25-75 cents.

This app is by invitation but I found it pretty easy to get one by downloading the app and joining the wait list. You can check out more details here.

March 4th

Chase Amazon Prime Cashback: $20.92

Verizon Up Rewards: $12.00

The Amazon Prime card from Chase earns 5x points when you shop on Amazon with it. We order from Amazon a lot so it makes sense to use this card as our primary on the account. Every so often I’ll cash out my Amazon points for statement credit. I always pay my statements IN FULL so please do not be misled that we are just charging a bunch of crap for points.

Verizon Up Rewards are part of our Verizon cellphone plan. Every month Verizon rewards us with a $3 gift card of our choice. I’ve been hoarding Panera gift cards so I didn’t count them until I actually used them. This isn’t much but it helped pay for lunch on March 4th.

March 9th

Chase Sapphire Rewards: $1,156.18

Last month you may recall my wife had a root canal and we took advantage of needing to spend a large amount by signing up for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card in her name. At the time the bonus was 60,000 Chase Ultimate Reward (UR) points when you spend $4,000. We hit this very quickly and so by March I was able to link our two Chase accounts and combine all of our points. There’s a special deal with Chase points right now where you can use them towards prior grocery/food purchases at a 25% discount. I was able to wipe out most of our grocery/restaurant purchases from late December to present using this cash out method. As of this posting Chase has extended this special “pay yourself” feature through September 2021 (subject to change).

If you’d like to sign up for your own Chase Sapphire Preferred card here is my referral: click here

Disclaimer: link above will give you some starter points when you apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card of your own. Please note that you must have a decent credit score to apply (usually 700+) and that this is a hard pull on your credit. Do not pursue credit cards if you are disorganized or may need a large loan in the near future (like a mortgage).

March 12th & March 23rd

Discover IT cashback: $7.89

Discover IT cashback: $5.00

Discover IT is a pretty interesting card to own. Every quarter they have specific places you can use the card and earn 5% cash back (on up to $1,500 per quarter). You have to enroll in the program every quarter but it’s a nice way to earn some extra cash when you’re buying from these places anyways. The first year you have the card Discover will double your points when you reach the end of the year so basically if you’re able to max each quarter with $75 cashback you’ll get $300 from Discover on your anniversary with them.

A good strategy here is to buy gift cards from the 5% vendors to meet the $1,500 for the quarter. I typically sell off the gift cards I’m not going to use. It works really well if you can find a sale on the gift cards themselves to pair with this and boost savings further. 

Disclaimer: link above will give you $50 when you apply for a Discover IT card of your own. Please note that you must have a decent credit score to apply (usually 700+) and that this is a hard pull on your credit. Do not pursue credit cards if you are disorganized or may need a large loan in the near future (like a mortgage).

March kind of made up for February a little with our Chase UR cash back. I still have points to cash out for a few programs like Swagbucks but I was trying to wait for my full $300 worth of points. I’m experimenting a little bit with different places I can leave inactive cash without tying it up so I’ll have an update soon about that too (results were in early April so it will be on that report). I’m working on an even bigger project as well but I’m waiting to see how that pans out before I report anything as it requires a little bit of waiting up front. I have a handful of bank bonuses queued up as well but many of the ones I signed up for won’t pay out until June or July so we have a bit of a wait there too.

Year to Date Earnings:

First Quarter Results 2021

What side hustles/gigs are you working on? What questions do you have?

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