Income Report – February 2021

This is my second month reporting the additional income I’ve generated. I am writing these posts to hopefully help others discover new, easy, and creative ways to add a little money to their pockets each month. For more information on income reports please see the Introduction to Monthly Income Reports.

Prior Month Reports:


  1. I am not an accountant nor do I claim to be one, all income should be reported to the IRS if you live in the United States.
  2. This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you sign up through my links, at no cost to you.
  3. Earning extra money online takes work and planning and you may or may not achieve the same level of results.
February 2021 Results

Total for Month: $227.50

Best Day: $202.00 on February 9th

February 9th

Keybank Bank Bonus: $200 cash added to my account

Budweiser Promo: $2

You may remember seeing this same method last month, we did this bonus in my wife’s name.

How it works:

All across the country banks are eager for new customers and often offer lucrative bonuses for meeting certain criteria when opening an account with them. In this case I needed to open up a KeyBank checking account and make a direct deposit of $500. I changed my paycheck to direct deposit that amount the day I signed up for the account. Within days of my statement closing I had a nice extra $200 sitting in my account. Often with these bonuses you have to keep the account open at least a few months so my account is still open with $125 in it. 

How to find them:

I use a combination of the websites: Doctor of Credit (DoC) and SlickDeals.

By subscribing to the SlickDeals updates and regularly checking DoC I’m able to see when new bonuses come out.

I will caution you, opening multiple bank accounts can be confusing. You have to be organized and make sure you’re following all of the requirements for each account or you can lose the bonus itself and possibly have to pay fees. A common requirement for some of the higher bonuses is keeping a minimum balance.

February 13th

Swagbucks: 2,175 points for a $25.00 Visa Gift card + Amazon reload for additional 50 cents

I was able to land a discount on a Visa Gift card with a monthly promo saving myself $3.25 worth of points.

Swagbucks is a combination of things: surveys, games, search engine, shopping portal, and much more.  I frequent Swagbucks when I’m shopping online and often land killer deals purchasing discounted gift cards through their affiliate MyGiftCardsPlus. For a Beginner’s guide to Swagbucks you can check out my guide to Swagbucks.

How it works:

Sign up for a Swagbucks account here.

Install the Swagbutton on your web browser to remind yourself to use the shopping portal. 

You can also install various Swagbucks apps to add to your points: 

  • SB Live is a live trivia app and turning on alerts will tell you when the next trivia game is coming up. 
  • The Swagbucks app is a great way to add codes you can find by adding Swagbucks to your Facebook page. 
  • The Swagbucks Answer app is a way to work on surveys in spare time to pick up some points here and there.

February was a slow month for me, I don’t like the cold weather and snow so I struggle to stay motivated. I also goofed on a promotion for SoFi bank, I thought I’d get a nice little bonus for a direct deposit but failed to read the part where it said it would only count for people who have never received a direct deposit before (*insert losing video game music – womp womp*). I also decided not to get too aggressive this month with bank bonuses because I needed cash flow for Anne’s root canal. 

Year to Date Earnings:

Setting up for upcoming months:

  1. I signed up for a Betterment account to earn $127.50 on Rakuten (this will payout in April).
  2. I signed up for a Aspiration account through Swagbucks to earn $150 worth of Swagbucks (I expect this will hit my Swagbucks account within a week).
  3. I have Swagbucks I could cash out right now from signing up for Walmart+ a couple of months ago but it’s better to wait for a new month with Swagbucks so I can see a fresh list of discounted cashouts. It’s likely I’ll choose a visa gift card again and load it to my Amazon account for a nice little kickback.

What side hustles/gigs are you working on? What questions do you have?

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