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Introduction to Monthly Income Reports

Beginning January 2021 I’ve set a goal of trying to earn an extra $1,000 a month through various side hustles. I am actively trying to increase our savings rate this year as we continuously work our way towards financial independence. This year my extra money is going towards growing our emergency fund to 12 months.

This section of the website is meant to hold myself accountable while also sharing what methods work well. For any activities requiring an initial investment there is always a certain amount of risk involved and I never attempt anything where I can’t afford to lose that money.


  1. I am not an accountant nor do I claim to be one, all income should be reported to the IRS if you live in the United States.
  2. This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you sign up through my links, at no cost to you.
  3. Earning extra money online takes work and planning and you may or may not achieve the same level of results.

Recommended Tools/Applications

If you’d like to join me in working on your own additional income here are some basic tools I recommend:

  • Smartphone – I’ll leave it up to you to find something suitable but you want something that can download apps from the Apple store or Android store. It also must be able to take photos.
  • PayPal account – this is an important component to receive payments and transfer money to your bank
  • Online banking access – if your bank doesn’t have online access capabilities and transfer abilities I recommend Capital One 360 and/or Ally Bank.
  • Chromebook or computer with access to the internet – or use a family member or friend’s until you can work up the funds for a Chromebook. 
  • Google email address – It’s very helpful to have a google email so you can use GoogleDocs and GoogleSheets. These are great and simple alternatives to using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Patience – many of these side hustle activities require setting something up and waiting anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of months to be able to cash them out. I will point out what I’m doing to prepare ahead of time for the following month whenever possible. 
  • Money (Optional): For some activities you will need to invest a little of your money so it helps to keep some side hustle money off to the side. I started with a very small amount and mine also acts as our emergency fund.

Once you have your PayPal and online bank account setup don’t forget to link them together. You will want everything setup before you start so you’re able to take out any funds deposited to your PayPal account.

Final Note

As we continue to be restricted by the pandemic in 2021 I am sticking mostly to activities that you can complete from the safety of your home. I may mention some activities that you can complete while grocery shopping, but please be safe. I realize many people are without jobs so I am hoping some of these ideas can help bring in a little extra money when it’s needed.

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