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On March 12, 2020 my manager called me just before I left the office before the day and said “take everything that you think you’ll need for a week.” Never did I imagine that nearly a year later that I’d still be working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of America by mid-March. 

Early on we kept thinking it would be over next week and next week kept getting pushed back. My step son was sent home the same day as me and my wife was sent home a few days later. The COVID-19 virus was spreading like wildfire across the country and being in overpopulated places all day was no longer safe.

Unique Opportunities

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on life, the economy, and our way of life. Many people have lost their jobs and their loved ones. 

In spite of the devastating events the pandemic has presented my wife and I with the unique opportunity to become a single car household. Both of our offices announced closure towards the end of 2020 with permanent work from home status until further notice. We’ve discussed becoming a single car household before but with us working so far apart it didn’t seem feasible.

The pandemic created unique conditions in various consumer markets. When local vehicle auctions began to shut down it created a higher demand for used vehicles. This gave individuals who wanted to sell their vehicles the opportunity to sell them for top dollar.


Knowing that used cars had a higher value my wife began researching the fair value for her 2017 Kia Soul. As she was researching she came across an online company by the name of Vroom. She did some additional googling about the company intrigued by the idea of being able to sell her car on the spot to a company virtually.

The Process

Once you’ve decided to sell your vehicle the first natural step is to lookup the suggested value of your vehicle using popular sites like Kelly Blue Book (KBB) and National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Hopefully, the value matches what you owe on the vehicle (if anything). If you find your car value is under the amount you owe, don’t be discouraged just note the value and move on.

Next you tell Vroom about your vehicle and the current condition and they send you an initial offer fairly quickly. My wife was offered $2,000 above her value which also happened to be more than the amount we owed on the car. YES!

After you accept the offer then you must call your loan servicer (if you have one) and request a 10 day payoff. This should be really simple and then you give that information to Vroom. They will also ask you to send your vehicle title via an express mail envelope they send you. 

Once everything is squared away with the title and your loan servicer they will schedule a pickup of your vehicle. They hire a local tow company with a flatbed to come haul your car away and you receive a ticket you have to send via email to Vroom to verify the pickup. Within two hours we received an email back from Vroom and they sent confirmation of our payments. Our payment was split to pay off the loan and we got the rest.

How We Manage

We keep a dry erase calendar on the fridge and write down any upcoming appointments we have so we each know when our remaining vehicle is needed. We now have half the maintenance to worry about. 

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