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Deal Details

Starting Sunday 2/21/2021 through Saturday 2/27/2021 Rite Aid has $25 Hulu & Netflix gift cards with $5 Bonus cash back (limit 2). This is a great deal to stock up on credits for streaming services because it will make your service 20% off. You can add these cards to your existing account to pay ahead. (You need their loyalty card so make sure to sign up for one before you head to the store, you should be able to use your phone number until your card arrives in the mail.)

Bonus Cash Back

Rite Aid Bonus cash is their form of reward points, I typically wait until the next day to spend mine to ensure they’ve gone onto my card. It may seem odd but you can often pickup a lot of basic grocery items, toiletries, or seasonal medications at Rite Aid for a good price. Check their weekly ad and see what’s on sale to spend your bonus cash on. I often go through a period where I keep buying bonus cash items and rolling my balance week to week for different items we can use around the house.

Using Bonus Cash

When you’re ready to check out make sure to tell the cashier that you are using your bonus cash. They are supposed to prompt you to scan your card or enter your phone number for your loyalty card every transaction but sometimes they forget. Once the cashier rings up your purchases the bonus cash comes right off, make sure you have enough items to spend all of the bonus cash at once or you’ll waste it.

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