black envelope with cash dollars on marble table

Yesterday Rakuten released a deal for Betterment accounts for new customers.


  1. Join Rakuten if you don’t already have an account: Click here
  2. Search “Betterment”
  3. Click “Shop Now”
  4. Open a Betterment checking and Reserve savings account (the savings it automatic once you open the checking account).
  5. Fund the Checking account with $1 from your bank by logging in
  6. Verify your account via email
  7. Fund the Reserve savings account with $10
  8. You’re done, Rakuten pays out quarterly so you won’t receive this money until April. Until then, leave the account open with the $11 and don’t forget your login information. You will also receive a debit card in the mail, activate it and keep it somewhere safe.

This is just one example of a few minutes of work rewarding handsomely, jump on it before Rakuten takes the deal down. These types of things usually don’t hang around for long.

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